2022 Paris France

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Our council, made up of passionate volunteers, have been working hard to make this presentations available for the members. We hope you find it a good resource. IMPORTANT note: copying and redistributing slides and photos is illegal and highly unethical


Day 1

1 Definitions and causes SSI Denis Verwilghen
2 Surgical safety checklist – evolution an outcomes Bryden Stanley
3 Use of Chlorhexidine for surgical preparation in a veterinary perspective – Georgie Hollis
4 Evidence based surgical site preparation anno 2022 Denis Verwilghen
6 Dealing with wound dehiscence – Bryden Stanley
7 Multimodal apprach to prevent SSI – what is the role of the antibiotic umbrella – Mirja Nolff
8 Treatment of SSI using NPWT Bryden Stanley
9 Effect of NPWT on incisions under tension Bryden Stanley
10 How to recognize infection in open wounds and when do we need ABx – Jacintha Wilmink
11 Systemic antibiotics do they reach the granulating wound Manfred Kietzmann
12 Effect of topical honey during open wound therapie in small animals Bryden Stanley
13 The influence of pH on wound healing and bacterial growth Elin Jorgensen
14 Laser treatment of open wounds what does it add – Bryden Stanley
15 Fouding of the VWHA – Why and where did we start Derek Knottenbelt
16 Evolution of wound management products over 25 years Sarah Cockbill
17 Cutaneous wounds and veterinary dermatology over 25 years David Lloyd
18 Role of pharmacology toxicology pharmacy during the treatment of wounds over 25 years Manfred Kietzmann
19 VWHA 25th anniversary – where are we now and which challenges do we face – Jacintha Wilmink

Day 2

1 Knotless absorbable barbed suture & skin adhesive Olivier Lepage
2 Antimicrobial peptide hydorgels for wound care Rojan Modaresi and Saba Atefyekta
3 Antimicrobial potential of medium chain monoglycerides in wound healing Henk van Faassen
4 Use of silicone skin extension device for equine wound management- Charlotte Paindaveine and Olivier Lepage
5 Management of laminitis-associated subsolar sepsis and solar prolapse as wounds Jessica Johnson
6 Effects of equine EGT derived fibroblast secretome on skin fibroblast and keratinocyte cultures – Giulia Lazzarini
7 Nitric Oxide generating antimicrobial dressing – Christopher Wood
8 Intra-socket application of medical-grade honey after tooth extraction – Frans Pleeging
9 Review Revolutionizing non-conventional wound healing using honey – Frans Pleeging
10 Why do we need a wound centre structure – Jacintha Wilmink
11 Skin grafting vs reconstruction – Dylan Gorvy
12 EWMA wound centre endorsement project an example – Jacintha Wilmink
13 Programme to develop into a recognised wound centre – Jacintha Wilmink