2021 June 29th: Webinar

Viability of skin flaps

By Prof Dean A. Hendrickson


Skin flaps in veterinary wounds can be intentional during reconstructive surgery, or accidental after trauma has occurred. This presentation will discuss the use of thermography and other modalities for determining skin flap viability in both acute wounds and skin grafting for various species. Which factors are important to consider? How to preserve viability and prevent complications when using skin flaps. An interesting webinar for every veterinarian, both small animal and equine!

We are very proud to announce Prof Dean A. Hendrickson from Colorado State University as key speaker of this webinar. Prof Dean A. Hendrickson is ACVS specialist since 1994 and his areas of expertise center around wound care and minimally invasive surgery. Although Dean is an equine surgeon, he will discuss the viability of skin flaps in the most important (veterinary) species. The VWHA knows how informative it can be to look beyond species, and transfer knowledge and experience from one species to another. That inspires us with new ideas! 

In the timeslot: “members wish” we will discuss a question or subject suggested by members.

The webinar is free for members of the VWHA. Please send an email to elin.jorgensen@sund.ku.dk  if you like to join. You will receive the link for joining the webinar at June 28th. Other interested persons can join the webinar for a symbolic fee of €10,-. If you decide to become VWHA member after this webinar, this fee will be refunded.


We invite participants to share cases with questions about flaps or problems with flaps.
Please send photographs of such cases with history to advice@vwha.net  at latest Sunday June 27th


We hope to meet you June 29th.


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