2023 May 4-5th Veterinary Wound Healing Association conference within the EWMA congress in Milan

Latest news on wound management in horses and small animals

The conference theme was about the way we treat wounds and how they influence largely the way of healing and the occurrence of complications. Two days; thursday may 4th about equine woundmanagement and friday may 5th about small animal wound management. Both days highlighted challenges we all encounter in everyday veterinary practice. Such as non-healing wounds, infections, large wounds, when using antibiotics and what products. From physiologic events, we have addressed a variety of treatment options and how to improve the local conditions of the wound.

We have presented about the use of dressings, local topical products, NPWT and laser. Additionally, we will elaborate on surgical solutions to heal wounds with skin grafting techniques and/or reconstructive surgery.

On  thursday during the equine day  we have had a session on the Equine Wound Centre. The Equine Wound Centre project is a new initiative to create a network of wound centres, to allow access to specialized wound treatment for each patient, each owner in each country and to create a base for discussion, collaboration and knowledge sharing, stimulating the interest and level of wound management.


Program conference VWHA at EWMA, May 4th – 5th 2023 Milan

For those who did not participate the proceedings and presentations will be made available at the members section.


The Conference was a great success: the attendance was great and the atmosphere was good. Sponsors had their stands in the same room and just outside the room, which resulted in a vivid interaction between companies and the audience during the breaks.

This conference was in collaboration with the Italian organisations SIVE and SCIVAC representing respectively the equine and small animal practitioners