2017 Amsterdam Netherlands


This theme offered lots of information about bacteria and their possible influence on wound healing, and answered some of the questions we all encounter in everyday veterinary practice. How can we diagnose whether bacteria are a problem, or not? And if they are a problem, how to target treatment? Do we need antibiotics for treatment or can we omit their use and treat with alternative antimicrobial strategies? When would it be better not to treat bacteria at all?
The Conference was a great success, not only considering the theme and the appreciation of that by the participants, but also the atmosphere was great. The room was piled with attendants, and at some moments they were sitting on the floor. Sponsors had their stands in the same room, which resulted in a nice interaction between companies and the audience during the breaks. EWMA told us that we had the most inspiring atmosphere in our room of all EWMA sessions! According to the feedback from the participants the course was highly valued: 7.9 (on a scale 0-10) and the separate questions about details were all around 4 (scale 1-5, 4=good), and many nice comments.

Just as last year, we had a free communication session in the afternoon. Brand new research about a variety of subjects in the field of veterinary wounds / wound management were presented. Worthy of mentioning: in this session we had 8 abstracts from 7 countries!

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For those who did not participate the proceedings and presentations are available at the members section.

Welcome by the VWHA president Jacintha Wilmink
The room was packed! Attendants were standing and sitting on the floor!
Lively atmosphere during the break

We had selected 8 abstract from 7 countries:

2x UK, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Colorado, Italy, France

The “older”/experienced abstract submitters were dismissed 😉 and the prices were granted to two persons from the “young” group: Jessica Firth (left) and Vincenzo Miragliotta