2023 May 4-5th Veterinary Wound Healing Association conference within the EWMA congress in Milan

“Latest news on wound management in horses and small animals”

The way we treat wounds will influence largely the way of healing and the occurrence of complications. Two days about equine and small animal wound management will highlight challenges we all encounter in everyday veterinary practice, such as non-healing wounds,
infections, large wounds, when using antibiotics and what products? From physiologic events, we will address a variety of treatment options and how to improve the local conditions of the wound.

We will present about the use of dressings, local topical products, NPWT and laser. Additionally, we will elaborate on surgical solutions to heal wounds with skin grafting techniques and/or reconstructive surgery.

Thursday May 4 th  Equine programme, including the Equine Wound Center session
Friday May 5 th  Small animal programme, including short communications

Join us to learn about the practical approach to optimalize wound treatement!

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Call for abstracts!

Abstracts dealing with all aspects of veterinary wounds are invited! Abstracts that are selected for an oral presentation receive a free registration for the full EWMA conference! Please submit your abstract using the abstract form on www.vwha.net to advice@vwha.net (deadline March 31 st 2023)

Instructions for preparation of abstracts


Conference flyer