2019 Gothenburg Sweden

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Proceedings and Presentations 2019 Gothenburg Sweden

Proceedings of the VWHA Scientific Conference 2019

Conference presentations 2019

1. The bad and the ugly – the who is who of wound infections in small animals – Mirja Nolff
2. Biofilms – detection and effect on wound healing – Elin Jørgensen
3. Clinically recognizing wound infection – Jacintha Wilmink
4. Sampling techniques and news in bacterial swabbing – Elin Jørgensen
5. Culture results – targeting treatment avoiding pitfalls – Mirja Nolff
7. Survey about antibiotics and traumatic wounds – Jacintha Wilmink
8. Antibiotic treatment under the light of resistance in veterinary open wounds – Mirja Nolff
9. Locally applied bioburden control – Jacintha Wilmink