2017 Amsterdam Netherlands

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Proceedings and Presentations 2017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Proceedings 2017


Presentation Slides of the Main Program from Amsterdam:

Eskild Henneberg – Sampling of Bacterial Culture

Mirja Nolff – Bacteria in Wounds of Small Animals

Mirja Nolff – Indications for Use of Antibiotics in Small Animals

Lore van Hecke – Bacteria in Wounds of Horses

Stine Jacobsen – Indications for Use of Antibiotics in Horses with Wounds

Eskild Henneberg – How Do We Recognize Problems with Bacteria in Wounds

Stine Jacobsen – Topical Antimicrobial Treatment Modalities – Medical Methods

Stine Jacobsen & Mathias Kuhn- Topical Antimicrobial Treatment Modalities – Physical Methods

Jacintha Wilmink – Outcome of ‘The Danish’ Study on Limb Wounds in Horses

Yvette Schlotter – How to Send a Useful Wound Sample for Bacteriology

Tineke Creemers – Honey Products for Wound Treatment