2023 Milan, Italy

Our council, made up of passionate volunteers, have been working hard to make this presentations available for the members. We hope you find it a good resource.

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Proceedings Milan 4-5th May 2023



Day 1

1 Physiology of equine wound healing – Jacintha Wilmink
2 Wound products What is important for the wound – Cathrine Fjordbakk
3 Useful dressings – Jacintha Wilmink
4 Treatment of open wounds use of topical products – Stine Jacobse
5 When do we need Abx during treatment of open wounds – Jacintha Wilmink
6 Popular wound products in Italy – Jacintha Wilmink
7 Abstract Use of plant derived products to prevent and treat EGT – Fiorella Carnevali
8 How to treat excessive granulation tissue – Cathrine Fjordbakk
9 Skin grafing and reconstruction – Jacintha Wilmink
10 Abstract Soft tissue trauma of tarsus and synovial involvement – Taja Vajs
11 Equine wound centers what is the idea and why do we need them – Jacintha Wilmink
12 Programme to develop into wound centre – Jacintha Wilmink

Day 2

1 Abstract Antimicrobial hydrogels for wound care – Saba Atefyekta
3 Classifying wounds understanding phases of healing – Mirja Nolff
4 Wound debridement selective and non-selective – Jacintha Wilmink
5 The potential of stem cell secretome in wound healing – Gerlinde Van de Walle
6 Wound infection Key aspects of biofilms and their management – Sara Munoz Declara
7 Antimicrobial and antiseptic treatments in infected wounds – Sara Munoz Declara
8 Non-surgical techniques application of laser therapy – Sara Munoz Declara
9 From traditional to bioactive wound dressings – Jacintha Wilmink
10 Skin substitutes and adjunctive mechanical therapies – Mirja Nolff
11 Skin reconstruction after extensive wounds part 1 – Federico Massari
11 Skin reconstruction after extensive wounds part 2 – Federico Massari